Vision and values are at core of our business

A clear vision guides our actions

Gapps’ vision is to help companies be competitive in the fast-moving international markets and offer their employees freedom and flexibility to their ways of working for maximum impact.

Our values are present at work everyday


Our vision is to offer freedom and flexibility to our customers but also to our own employees. Enabling remote work for our personnel is based on trust. We trust our employees to be self-reliant and to manage one’s own work and responsibilities.

Taking care of our colleagues

Wellbeing of our personnel is vital for us and we measure work satisfaction regularly. We give space to everyone, freedom to speak up and ability to affect the joint matters of our community. We help our colleagues, support each other and discuss things that are not just work-related.

Taking care of our customers

We also care the wellbeing of our customers. We want to understand the true needs of our customers so we can point out if the thing they want is actually the thing they need. We don’t want to sell our customers something they don’t actually need. Our objective is to solve the needs of our customers in a way that really benefits them.


High-quality communication and content are key things for us. We aim to communicate in a clear and easy to understand way internally and externally. We value open and transparent communication.


For us it is highly important that our employees can develop their own expertise and skills. Everyone at Gapps has certain expertise and we want this expertise to kept up to date, and further developed.

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