Google Cloud was seen safer than an own server

Tilitoimisto EMU Oy / EMU Accounting Ltd. is a modern accounting firm specialised in digital accounting solutions and services, financial management, reporting and financial consulting. EMU Accounting deployed Google’s office tools with the help of Gapps.

Ever since EMU was established it has invested in cloud computing and choosing Google G Suite seemed like a natural thing to do. Employees were using various devices with different operating systems so EMU needed flexible tools. Also Google G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) were familiar to many of the employees from their private lives and they were seen as an easy solution. “A clear reason why we chose G Suite was after all the Calendar synchronisation that was worked well”, comments Samuli Saviala, the CEO at EMU.

Google’s tools were also suitable for a small growth company because they were very affordable. They price and quality ratio is excellent because there are no extra costs related. You pay for the licences and Gapps’ support services and all the new features and upgrades are included. No expensive or massive system updates are needed.

“In our case the earlier instant messaging solution was so expensive that when we got rid of that and deployed G Suite, the new solution has already paid back all licence costs”, says Saviala.

With Google even the small companies get a world-class IT security with less effort and costs. EMU uses the two-step verification when logging in which means that a username and a password are not enough. One also needs to use another security code that Google send via SMS.

It was clear that Google’s cloud solutions were a much more secure solution for us and our customers than maintaining our own server.

- Samuli Saviala, CEO, EMU Accounting

“It was clear for us that Google’s cloud solutions were a much more secure solution for us and our customers than maintaining our own server”, says Saviala.

Earlier EMU had been wondering if Google had any rights to the data stored in Drive. However, Gapps explained that Google does not use any data their customers store in Drive nor do the they pass it over to other third parties without a law order.

Drive uses the world’s best search machine that can also read texts in pdf and image files. Now EMU has an intelligent alternative for handling receipts that used to be done manually.

“We’re planning to move more and more files to Google Drive and we are continuously looking for new ways how our customers could transfer their receipts to us with the help of Drive”, Saviala explains.

Final comments about G Suite

“My favourite thing with Google tools is that the they work as a whole. Instant messaging and Calendar with notification make work easier. Drive is a dream solution for collaboration – using and sharing documents together is easier than ever before. Everything works together”, says Saviala and adds; “Moving to Google environment is simple and easy. Other should get rid of their server monsters and choose cloud. It brings freedom! I also recommend training with new IT systems. Training would make work easier and for that reason we will also buy more training services from Gapps.”

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