Happeo is a home of all information for We Are Group

We Are Group operates in the restaurant business and they currently have 12 restaurants in Helsinki. In 2020 the company will expand their business abroad when they open two new Sushibar+Wine restaurants in Oslo. We Are Group has over 100 employees that are all using Happeo in their internal communications, where all the information they need has been gathered into one place. Together with Gapps, We Are Group customized Happeo’s platform to fit into their needs.

12 restaurants work in five different concepts. We Are Group’s restaurant concepts are Sushibar+Wine, Story, Bar Cón, Vin-Vin and Bier-Bier.

– Our purpose is to make our friend’s lives more enjoyable, says Sushibar+Wine restaurant’s Director of Restaurant Operations Kaisa Laulajainen.

Customized platform provides a solution for the need of better communication

When the company started to grow they faced challenges in internal communications and the need for Happeo rose.

– We have around 100 employees and we didn’t have any kind of common platform for communicating, finding people’s contact details and figuring out who’s actually who, Digital Marketing Manager Alli Tommiska says.

– Together with Gapps we created a platform that solves our problems. We tailored it to suit our needs and it has solutions both for managers and employees. Happeo is a platform customized for us specifically. It’s a home of all information and it includes both lasting information and discussion platform’s, Laulajainen tells.

Happeo makes our everyday life easier

Tommiska describes that Happeo is also internal social media for We Are Group. If someone has something to announce, it can be easily shared for the right people.

– We use it, for example, to publish our employee shift schedules. The staff can also use it to communicate about shift changes for example, Laulajainen explains.

– All of our employees can start new groups and invite anyone they want. One might even find people to hang out with. We have, for example, a sports group and we actually went to run the Midnight Run together, Tommiska tells.

– I’d say that working with Gapps the best aspect has been the fact that our communication has improved greatly through these services and the platform. Happeo makes our everyday life easier, Laulajainen sums up.


Hear how We Are Group’s Alli and Kaisa feel about Happeo and working with Gapps: 


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