More than just technical expertise

Gapps worked with Neste to design and implement a comprehensive overhaul of Neste’s digital work environment. The revamp responds to the current needs of the growing company and enables effective collaboration across the world.

Neste’s strategy highlights its pioneering role in the industry, global leadership and innovative solutions. When a company like Neste starts to reform its digital work environment, it is clear that the reform must also comprehensively advance the company’s strategy and growth goals.

“For us, integrating strategic leadership into practical procedures is challenging but necessary. We needed a drastic change in our digital environment to support these efforts,” says Jatta Pakkanen, Communications Specialist at Neste.

The change has taken place over the past four years, and it has required a complete overhaul of the work environment. Neste has been working closely with Gapps in the design and implementation of the revamp. Pakkanen says that the change has been huge but rewarding.

“Collaboration has been the driving force. We work simultaneously in different time zones and on different continents. We needed tools that would allow us to work more closely together.”

We needed tools that would allow us to work more closely together.

Modern digital tools enable the rationalisation of working methods, and they allow employees to develop their skills. According to Pakkanen, Google’s tools are best placed to support the growth targets of the international company and to ensure smooth cooperation.

Gapps has supported Neste throughout the process. In addition to technical solutions, Gapps has provided insights on business development, brainstorming and planning in collaboration with Neste’s experts, as well as post-launch guidance and end-user support.

“Gapps has been a one-stop shop for us: we have benefitted from their expertise extensively at all stages of the reform process.”

Technical expertise has turned into a closer partnership during the

Gapps has been a one-stop shop for us.

- Jatta Pakkanen, Communications Specialist at Neste

The biggest changes have involved the design and implementation of Neste’s digital work environment, Cosmos, which is a digital work platform originally built by Gapps and which is also known as Happeo. In this solution, the social intranet meets static content. Cosmos brings together all the tools, files and discussions that Neste employees need.

“Due to our strong global growth, it is essential for us to have a single work environment that caters to everyone, regardless of where they work,” says Paula Narkiniemi, Neste’s Global Content & Channels Team Lead.

Some of the most appreciated outcomes that have come from the introduction of Cosmos have been improved teamwork, better and timelier communications and the staff’s access to proactive working methods.

“The old tools no longer meet the current needs. Cosmos has brought the necessary changes.”

Our new digital work environment, Cosmos, meets today’s requirements.

Neste’s Solution Architect Joni Nikulainen says that Google is a great choice for Neste because it is a scalable global service that is reliable and responds to the needs of the growing company. Nikulainen also mentions ease of use and data security as big pros of Google.

“The strength of the G Suite lies in the smooth collaboration it enables across borders and time zones, its compatibility with all devices in use and the fact that it can be relied on to keep all data safe.”

Google’s services have been building blocks for Neste, which have been used to form a range of services and tools that meet the company’s needs.

Google offers an ecosystem that is an unbeatable package in a knowledge work environment.

Nikulainen says that even in a large company, the in-house IT resources alone are not sufficient to manage, develop and maintain a large cloud service. Large companies also tend to be accustomed to certain ways of working dictated by old patterns and procedures. According to Nikulainen, Gapps has brought fresh ideas and new thinking to the development work.

“An agile partner such as Gapps has been worth its weight in gold for us – not just as a service provider but as an equal partner who works with us to design and develop things. And it dares to challenge us.”

Nikulainen points out that one of Gapps’ strengths is its closeness. Sometimes being accessible online just simply is not enough. Pakkanen agrees and says that the close collaboration has strengthened the partnership between Neste and Gapps.

Gapps can already speak Neste, and they are part of us.

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