Employees wanted to return to Google

The first time when Pouttu decided to start using Google solutions was in spring 2012. At that time they had been using Lotus Notes and they had experienced some challenges with mobile work and calendar synchronisation. It was clear that an update was needed. Pouttu decided to look into a newer version of Lotus Notes, but also Microsoft O365 and Google G Suite.

Pouttu ended up choosing G Suite and the ICT Manager Jyrki Jaatinen explained back then that there were two reasons behind the decision; “Google is an state of the art company. It’s progression is ongoing which makes the future look interesting. In addition, the Google solutions were much more affordable than others. With the competing solutions we would have been paying some extra for things that were included in Google Basic licences”.

Pouttu decides to change to Microsoft

Four years later Pouttu was facing a need to develop their quality documentation and existing intranet environment. The idea was to choose a new solution that would combine internal communication and document management.

When Pouttu was assessing alternative solutions Sharepoint was the one that was already familiar to some of the members in the IT-team. It was seen as a solution that would fulfil the needs of document management and intranet. Choosing Microsoft meant that Pouttu would get O365, Yammer, email, OneDrive and Skype for Business. The actual deployment took place in March-April in 2016.

Quite fast after the deployment Pouttu started to face challenges with the new environment. Microsoft OneDrive did not work as planned with the existing Excel and Sheets files. Several important files stopped working in OneDrive for an unknown reason. When Pouttu reached out to Microsoft they were guided to contact Microsoft’s support. There was no local support available and Pouttu was contacted from abroad by support whose English skills were not always that good. Many Excel sheet got corrupted during the process. Mobile work that was one of the most important thing for Pouttu did not work with the new solutions. Calendar and email did not work properly.

Pouttu also visited few Microsoft Sharepoint customers to see what kinds of intranets were possible to have. It became very clear quite fast that running Sharepoint would require a lot of knowledge from Pouttu’s own IT but also activeness to look into things themselves and educate themselves. On the other hand buying services from an external partner would be expensive. It started to look impossible for Pouttu to stay in the Microsoft environment.

Google is a state of the art company. It’s progression is ongoing which makes the future look interesting.

- Jyrki Jaatinen, ICT Manager, Pouttu

Pouttu comes back to Gapps

In October Pouttu contacted Gapps and told they wanted to get back to Google’s cloud and get the local support services from Gapps. Pouttu was lucky because it was still possible to activate the old licences. Few days later they would have been erased in definite from the Google system.

“Gapps did such a good job with the deployment in the first time that we were confident that everything would work out as smoothly as last time”, Jaatinen explains. “This was our chance to see the Microsoft world that we were already thinking about as one option in 2012. At that time many of our employees were a bit worried to take cloud solutions in use. This time everyone were excited to get the Google tools back and to be able to get back to work”.

Pouttu didn’t even think twice if they should come back to Gapps. The Finnish support service and active contact between Pouttu and Gapps were something Pouttu valued highly.

“In the Google world everything develops so fast that we have no resources to follow everything by ourselves. The partnership with Gapps means that we don’t need to follow everything ourselves but we can count on Gapps to communicate all the important news for us. We can then choose ourselves to which of them we want to concentrate”, says Jaatinen.

Next Pouttu is interested in Happeo (previously known as Universe) that is a digital workplace developed by Gapps. It offers the intranet pages Pouttu wants, universal search functionalities and integrations to all G Suite tools, like Drive. With Happeo Pouttu could finally get the intranet and document management they wanted in the first place.