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Google Workspace is an integrated workspace that unites all your productivity tools in one easy-to-use solution to help people, teams, and companies do their best work — together.

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We’ll provide you with Google Workspace, help with the ways of working and ongoing support.

Google Workspace is flexible, integrated workspace that scales with your organization and unites all your productivity tools in one easy-to-use solution. It’s built with trusted Google security, running on the cleanest global cloud.

We have over 10 years of experience with Google services. We have helped hundreds of companies work smarter and more efficiently with Google Workspace.


Google Workspace supports the demands of modern work environment


Designed for flexible, fluid, and fast collaboration— when, where, and how you need it.


Google’s best-in-class AI and search technology helps you to focus on what matters so can get more done.


An integrated workspace that’s simple and easy to use, so you spend less time figuring out how to manage your work and more time actually doing it.

Our work efficiency has increased for sure. By estimation we save 15 minutes per person every day.

- Joonas Patama, Production Manager, Tapaus

Focus on communication and presence

With Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Chat and Google Meet you are always connected with your network. No matter where you are physically located, it’s easy to stay in touch.

google workspace gmail kalenteri chat ja meet logot


Real-time collaboration

Create documents, charts and presentations together with your team using Docs, Sheets and Slides. You can work on the same files at the same time that speeds up the work.

google workspace docs sheets slides forms sites keep

Document management

Your files and folders are in secure location where they are easy to access and share with others. With search you can easily find your files later on.

google workspace drive

User friendly administrative controls

Your company’s admins manage your Google environment, add users, manage devices and keep your company’s data secured in one simple console.

google workspace admin

Happier and more innovative employees. Now and in the future.

Happier employees
68 % of Google Workspace users in large companies say they enjoy their work more since adopting it.

Innovative companies have stronger profit growth
75 %of Google Workspace users say it has made their team more innovative.

Future generations expect it
Even today, many schoolchildren and students log in to Google’s learning environment, Google Classroom, and at the same time learn how to work and collaborate agilely in the modern world.

We can count on Gapps to keep us informed on the most important news about Google, from which we can then choose the most suitable areas for development for us.

- Jyrki Jaatinen, ICT Manager, Pouttu

How can Gapps help?

Centralized management

License management should be centralized to a skilled partner. Costs can be minimized as the partner takes care of managing the amount of licenses and ensures their timeliness. Instead of a credit card, the payments can be handled through a partner with invoicing. The partner can also often provide offers for licenses that cannot be obtained directly from Google.

Unlock the full potential

Google Workspace is evolving at a rapid pace. The partner helps you stay up to date on significant changes and introduce new features in a controlled manner, so you can use the tools for their full potential.

Ongoing support

Gapps offers support in Finnish and English, both online and over the phone. Support services reduce your technical support workload and can be provided either to your entire organization or only to Google Workspace  administrators.

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