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Comprehensive services for companies of all sizes

Gapps has helped enterprises, small and medium sized companies, public organisations and als educational institutions to the Google cloud.


The benefits customers enjoy with G Suite include:

  • Work productivity increases
  • Services are easy to manage and scale up
  • Device agnostic tools; you can access your files and tools with all mobile devices and laptops
  • Work becomes agile, and non-dependent on time or place
  • Realtime information is on hand instead of the piling email attachments chains



“We’d been thinking about continuing to use Microsoft Office tools but when we tested G Suite it was clear right away that these tools we should take in use! There is no doubt in my mind that our work efficiency has improved. It’s difficult to estimate minutes or percentages but approximately we save 15 minutes time every day with G Suite.

-Joonas Patama, Production Manager, Tapaus

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